News Cop considers and investigates all complaints, seeks to facilitate and outcome acceptable to all parties, and where appropriate resolve the matter to determine whether any Standards have been breached.

Complaints may relate to news reports, articles, editorials, images, and other published material.

Please help us understand your complaint:

  • Tell us which content you are making a complaint about: for example, the name of the publication or webpage address (URL), and the date and time it was published
  • Clearly outline the nature of your concerns: if you are alleging a breach in Standards, tell us which standards you believe have been breached and your reasons for coming to this view

News Cop uses a common-sense approach which takes action when justified, engages where there is value in doing so, and notes criticisms of our performance when there is nothing more we can offer. In some cases, proportionate handling of complaints will mean you receive no more than an automated acknowledgement that your message has been received.

News Cop’s complaints process seeks to be as an informal, prompt, and economical as possible, and serves as an alternative to legal action. Complaints to News Cop should be made and pursued by the complainants themselves, not by lawyers or other professional representatives. However, complainants must inform News Cop if they have commenced proceedings or intend to do so.

The personal information collected in this form will be used to consider (and, if necessary), investigate) your complaint, question or comment, and respond where required.

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